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Candy Crush Soda Advice

The game we are going to consider is called Candy Crush Soda. This game is created by the KING studio and it is the new continuation of Candy Crush. The creators of the game added the new functions, tiles and renewed graphics. The purpose of the game is to combine the same colour figures. These figures are in the form of different soda bottles or candies and they must be combined into one line, that contains 3-4 tiles. The next action is to break them and score points. The player should score points with the purpose of achievement of stars. It is possible to achieve 1, 2, 3 stars.

To complete the stage the player should earn at least one star. And also there is a challenge, the stars’ achievement depends on. This challenge, is set at the beginning of the level.

The user starts the game with five lives. If the gamer doesn’t pass the stage he ‘ll lose one life. It takes 30 for a life to be restored. But if the gamer doesn’t enjoy waiting he can ask friends to help.

Candy Crush Soda is a new game that has different of stages. Every level differs from the other one. They are different in the final purpose and therefore they require special approach for its passing.

Let’s consider the depiction of every level. At the start of the game the user must finish the stages with soda bottles. The main purpose is to raise the soda level to the necessary one. It needs a lot of soda to fill the game board. After the playing fiels is filled the stage is finished.

So-called «frosting» stages have «gummi candies» in the form of bears, which have to be freed by breaking the ice. Next level is available, when all the bears got the freedom.

The purpose of bubblegum levels is to raise circled bear figure above the special line of white and blue confetti. There are three viscosity stages. They are: single bubblegum layer, two layers of bubblegum and three layers of bubblegum.
Chocolate stages make gamer to eliminate all the chocolate from the game board. The only barrier is the narrow quantity of moves. If the user leave at least one chocolate tile, their amount will increase.

Honey stages are filled with tiles-impediment. There are «gummi bears» inside of tiles-impediment. So, the goal of stage l is to make bears free.

Now the game is available for downloading for iOS and Android devices. Millions of people enjoy the game. Candy Crush Soda is free-to-play game and has over 300 great stages.

So, Candy Crush Soda is very interesting game that is able to help people to spend their time. Many people try to find some gaps in every game. If we are talking about Candy Crush Soda we should say that this game does not have any defects. So, if you will make search for Candy Crush Soda cheats, you won’t find anything.

But there are a lot of Candy Crush Soda tips that are able to help users to crack the high score. The game is dedicated to the collection of bears. The only thing the gamer should do is to mak the combinations of same colour candies and fill soda stripe. It is easy to catch sight of bears playing on the beginning rounds. But on the next levels the bears are hidden. To save bears the players should create certain combinations and use some boosters to eliminate the elements that chilling bears.

If the aim of the level is to raise the bear to the top of the playing showground, it is effective to collect and destroy the red candies above bear.

Next Candy Crush Soda hints tell about the barriers overcoming. Often, the round accomplishment is complicated because of different barriers, for example cookies, cakes, chocolate, honey etc. It is desirable to destroy them in the first place. Such way helps to finish the level faster. Chocolate is so huge impediment because it can be broken only after 3-4 moves. The best way to overcome such kind of obstacles is to use boosters. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the usage of colour bomb. Many gamers use it at the beginning of the round. But it is wrong action. It is better to keep the bomb for some difficult situations.

New special candies appeared in Candy Crush Soda Sage. Their main goal is to change the situation on the field due to their special skills. Their activation allows destroying all impediments or increasing the number of moves. Fish-booster previously could destroy the row but now it is able to destroy some random candies. The fish appears after matching four elements of the same colour in row or after the destruction of ice or honey. The activation of two fishes will create the 3rd one and they will use other boosters. Also it is possible to combine fish and other booster to destroy few rows or even finish the level. The best combination is fish and colour bomb.

So, that is all you must know about Candy Crush Soda.

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